Mission- St. Peters believes in helping each child realize his potential and  instill in him a love for learning.  We strive to make them competent to grow up as future leaders with a strong sense of personal integrity, spirit of universal brotherhood, conscious of social responsibilities and love for nature so as to transform our society into one of mutual respect, understanding and unity.


Our school is set in Central Kerala, a region renowned for its scenic beauty, clean environment and peaceful surroundings. Established in 1967, Saint Peter’s is an autonomous, multi-cultural with a co-educational programme from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our graduating students enter colleges and universities nation–wide.

Saint Peter’s is wholly owned and managed by the Saint Peter’s Education Trust, Kadayiruppu, a society within the meaning of the Travancore–Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955(XII).





                                       AISSE-CLASS X –RESULTS-2015-‘16

 Notching up a sweet success again…………….

Securing an excellent result with a pass percentage of 100 in the class X examination conducted by the CBSE ,St.peter’s is marching ahead with its mission and vision of contributing the best.Thanks to God Almighty!……….Hats off to Team St.peters for the glittering win……

Results at a glance

No.of students appeared:156

No.of distinctions             :132

No.of all A1 holders         : 53


                                            AISSCE   CLASS XII RESULTS 2015-‘16

The Saga of Victory Continues……………………………

Being sedulous means being victorious! The synchronized effort, relentless hard work and dedication along with commitment of every Peterian have been crowned with success, bringing laurels to the school. Once more St.Peter’s   has proved its mettle by achieving a roaring success in class XII, 2015-‘16 Board Exam. Kudos to Peterians!

Results in a nutshell

No. of students appeared                   :   158

No. of distinctions                               :   142

No. of first classes                              :  16

No. of AI holders in all subjects           :  33

No. of centums                                    : 2(Biology)

Subject wise top scores

Subject wise top scores

Maths                     :99

Physics                  :99

Chemistry              :99

Computer science :99

Biology                   :100

Informatics             :99

Accountancy          :99

Business studies   :99

English                   :98

Economics            :97




                                             1. Mareena Jaison- 490 (98 %) – Commerce


                                              2. Nithin K Subhash- 488 (97.6%) -Science