‘Bringing people close to nature’, the message of 2017 World Environment Day, was endorsed in its full spirit by Peterians on 5th June 2017, Monday. A wide range of programmes including competitions were held, to stimulate personal commitment to environmental preservation. The morning assembly witnessed the inauguration of Carbon Club, with a view to educate Peterians on the ill effects of carbon emission. The special programmes were held in the S.S Block Auditorium. The programmes commenced with a prayer thanking Mother Nature for the bounties its inhabitants enjoy. It was followed by a video presentation conveying the strong message from nature reminding mankind of its worth. A soulful song composed and tuned by our teachers was sung praising the Nature. Another song lamenting the loss of Mother Nature due to the carelessness of humans was an eye-opener to all. Medicinal plant was planted by our principal conveying the great message that   “A society grows great when people plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”. The celebration came to an end raising awareness among the students about environmental issues and inspiring them to take personal action to address them.