SPELLA 2020 - Casting the Spell of Linguistic Artistry

On September 12th 2020, St Peter's witnessed the most luminous display of its radiant stars as the literary muse cast her enchanting spell in SPELLA- Saint Peter's Language Lovers' Arena, the intra-school literary competition conducted by the English Department.

The vibrant stars of St Peter's enlivened the luminous screens across six different Online stages with their exuberance, as they showcased their linguistic capabilities in the first ever Online extravaganza, conducted in St Peter's. Overcoming the restraints of the pandemic, Peterians unleashed their linguistic potential under 6 different  categories -  Tell Tales, Copy Cat, Novice Newsreader, Subtitle Scribble, Perfect Pitch,  Scoop on Loop

Take A Glimpse of the Glamorous display