Of the Peterians....By the Peterians....For the Peterians

To co-ordinate and  encourage all student activities within the scope of  St.Peter’s, we have a very effectively functioning Student Council, which is representative of students, elected in a democratic way. The Student Council consists  of 42 members, and it has an integral part in the development of the school  activities. It provides a platform to its members to learn more about the democratic process, civic responsibility, leadership, problem-solving, team work etc. In the regular meetings held by the council, the members voice students’ opinion and offer valuable suggestions  and ideas regarding important plans and projects for the academic year. The inevitable role played by the Student Council in maintaining the discipline, initiating charitable activities, ensuring the rules of behaviour and  making the campus environment friendly, is really  app laudable  and estimable. The harmonious working of the council members, bring all the plans to fruition, enhancing the morale and general welfare of the school, leading it to the pinnacles of accomplishments and success.