“When sorrows come, they come not in single spies, but in battalions.” (Shakespeare)
The well-known lines spoken by the Shakespearean character, Claudius (Hamlet) very well describe the plight of our world. Before we could get ourselves relieved from the aftermath of one disaster, there comes another with its full potential to destroy.
The novel corona virus disease is the new disaster that is engulfing the world now. The current outbreak of the disease has torpedoed everyone. In such a scenario, a proper awareness on how to prevent the disease is necessary. An awareness session was arranged for the teachers on 4th February 2020. Dr. Chithira, Head of the Microbiology Department was the resource person.
Dr. Chithira gave a briefing on the history of Corona virus and its types. The session highlighted the need to understand about how corona virus spreads. As it is more likely to spread through droplets, it is recommended that each individual should maintain personal hygiene. She elaborated on the different methods to keep ourselves safe. Washing hands with soaps or sanitizer is a must. The class teachers were assigned the duty to pass on the same information to the students. The students as well as teachers were motivated to take a firm resolution to stay united to fight this deadly virus.