The well-stocked library of St Peter’s with its spacious interiors and aptly furnished reading area is surely a sacred haven for the avid readers among Peterians. The library has around 16450 books including priceless reference books, 5 different News Papers and 30 periodicals. The invaluable collection ranging from the ‘Palm Leaf Manuscripts’ to the ‘Latest Editions’ of the most modern fiction is a welcoming sight for anyone who steps in. 

The sophisticated library is equipped with full-fledged computer data base enabling a hassle-free access to the reading materials. The allotment of regular library periods introduces the learners to the wondrous world of literature, expanding the horizons of their knowledge and imagination.


JUNIOR LIBRARY                                                                                        

  The Junior Library, an extension to the school library is an exclusive sanctum for juvenile literature. With walls decorated with lively paintings of fictional characters, the vibrant ambience of this juvenile sanctuary, transcends the tiny tots to the intangible fantasy world of literature.