A scenic ambience where kids are nurtured and nourished…where they blissfully engage in learning to think for themselves & discover the joy that comes from learning something new. To focus on strengths and not weakness and how to encourage each other. To make choices of their own, became responsible and be able to stand alone and see all the things that they can


Every day is a new day in the kinder world and a peep into the portals will reveal the fun packed, happy moment’s kids soak in, making learning enjoyable.


A warm hug, a peck on the cheek, we birthday wishes with the birthday song ringing in the air followed by a high voltage drama …. and that’s what birthday celebrations are like. How wonderful to start each day on a happy note.


An amazing energy level is seen bubbling up in kids when they move into the safe play area... the wonderland of colourful rides, slides, see-saws and a lot more, for them to indulge in and in turn  develop their gross motor skills.


“Eat healthy” being our watch word, the lunchtime in  the vast dining area is supervised & caring hands reach out turning  fussy, messy beginners to develop good healthy eating habits.


We catch them young & train them to master this life-saving skill…swimming, with ease as they make a ‘splash’ in the beautiful ‘Dolphin Pool’.

The cool, spacious Audio Visual room is another attraction where the tiny tots enjoy animated information about the world around projected on a wide screen with the help of LC D Projected.


Technology is advancing by the day and a well-equipped computer lab aids in stimulating and training young minds as they take their first step in this important sphere of technology

With many more amenities like the assembly hall activity room, sick room and a wide array of enjoyable activities in store, all offered on a platter…. It’s no wonder that kids feel at home here in the St.Peter’s kinder world.