The school is immensely happy to acknowledge Ms. Sara Varghese and Ms Devika Girish of XII A for their splendid achievement in emerging as the winners in IRIS ( Initiative for Research &Innovation in STEM) National Fair 2021-22. Triggering their science acumen to explore possibilities in resolving the ever abating environmental pollution, the duo researched on Taro plant (one of the most black-listed weeds in our crop fields) to design the paper – PREPARATION OF A SUPERHYDROPHOBIC & OLEOPHILIC MEMBRANE INSPIRED BY TARO LEAVES FOR OIL-WATER SEPARATION - which inspired the panel while the young brains got their way through, beating all the odds. It’s even more delighting to announce that the pair is thereby certified eligible to represent Team India at the ISEF held in USA some time later in the the month of May 2022.
Congratulations to Sara and Devika!!!! 
Let it be their next step towards bigger and better things...Go... Conquer the World..!!