House System

The house system is a traditional feature of schools for tapping the potential of the students to the fullest. St. Peter’s also follows the house system dividing the students from classes  6-12, to  eight houses which are named after values like Compassion, Joy, Knowledge, Loyalty, Peace, Righteousness, Truth and Wisdom. Each student is allocated to one house in the beginning of the academic year. All houses are led by the house captains under the guidance, support , encouragement and control of the house in charge teachers .The  inter house competitions of Sylvan Symphony  and Annual Sports  ensure the maximum chances of participation to the students. The healthy competitions provide  ample opportunities to the students to showcase their talents. They learn to practise group loyalty, team spirit, co-operation  , socialisation, acceptance of failure and success alike , appreciating other’s achievement ,practising fair play, shouldering responsibilities and above all realise the importance of participation rather than winning the medals. Separate notice boards are allotted for each house and prizes are given for the best displays. The  house system boost up their competitive spirit along with self esteem and   self confidence   which will enable them to use their calibre to the maximum.

Main Aims are

  • - To promote the welfare of the students
  • - To promote better student-teacher relationships
  • - To impart citizenship training
  • - To encourage self-descipline
  • - To teach Skill management and leadership
  • - Management of the morning assembly
  • - Checking School Uniforms
  • - Looking after general Cleanliness

House Name and its Captain for 2016

House Name

Captain / Leader