Home science education, a dynamic field of education for a better living. It explores the possibility of the establishment of the perfections in the social orders starting from the home life to the community level. We at St. Peter’s offer Home science as a co-scholastic subject under work education, both for boys and girls, from classes 7-12. Cooking, stitching, fabric painting, flower arrangement, vegetable carving, sand work etc are included as a part of Home Science. We have a well-equipped, well ventilated and well lit Home Science lab which can accommodate 30 students at a time. The lab has all necessary kitchen utensils and appliances. There is a separate craft room which helps the children to add colour to their lives through their consummate artistry. The experience in the lab gives the learners an opportunity to get acquainted with hands on knowledge and skills. The students find the Home Science lab a dedicated place to enjoy cooking, stitching etc and learn the scientific procedures in making a home aesthetic, how to become more organized and sharing the household responsibilities managing available resources.