Inculcation of environmental awareness among all sections of our society, particularly school students, is of paramount importance. As today’s children are the future citizens of the earth, there is a great need to inculcate values of respect, love and concern for nature in them. To encourage the same, a list of Green rules are given below, which are to be followed by the students

 Do not litter the ground. Use dustbins.

  1. Minimize the use of polythene bags. Do not throw them in public places.
  2. Use environment friendly paper bags, cloth bags or jute bags.
  3. Do not pluck leaves or flowers.
  4. Do not waste energy. Switch off electric equipments and close taps when not in use.
  5. Use paper wisely and judiciously this helps to conserve scarce resources like electricity water and paper.

 Imbibe healthy habits and a lifestyle of minimum waste generation, 

  1. Reduce pollution and conserve the environment.
  2. Do not cover the walls and desks with graffiti.