We at St. Peter’s believe that every child is an artist with innate talents and we facilitate our students to explore an array of artistic capacities by offering a wide variety of fine-arts activities directed towards developing their multifarious skills and thus enabling their holistic development. 

We have an entire Block dedicated to Fine Arts with tailor-made classrooms for each and every art stream. Special instructors are appointed for music, drawing, tabla, guitar, organ, dramatics and dance. 

Our art and craft teachers offer special coaching classes for those who are interested in delving into the deeper realms of the specific art form.


The fine art activities offered are as follows:


Vocal Music








The spacious ‘Art Studio’ adorned with the art works of our artistic prodigies bears testimony to the status, St Peter’s grants to ‘drawing’, the age-old form of visual art. The art form which can be perceived as an expression of one’s own self, challenges the learners with its demand for extreme observation skills and hand-eye coordination.

The specialised faculty facilitates the students in exploring the innovations in art and trains them in a variety of painting techniques. Training is given in:

  • Water colour,
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Poster colour
  • Oil Painting
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Pencil Shading
  • Crayons 

We also encourage our students to experiment with new age mediums like digital art, photography, etc. The school organizes art exhibitions and takes part in many art fests fostering the creativity and art appreciation of the students.

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Vocal Music

Sing a song……. | The World around me !!!

Music is in a way the rhythm of life itself. By studying music in schools, children open up their minds to different capacities, the world of music presents to them, transcending the boundaries of language and culture.

The music department offers a number of programmes and a wide variety of music instructions in both western and classical genres. Students are provided with vocal training for the inter school and intra school competitions under the guidance of the specialised faculty.

Vocal training mainly focuses on: 

  • Western Music
  • Eastern Music
  • Classical Music 



Movement and rhythm, as expressed through dance, have long been the heart and soul of all cultures. It enables the students to develop not only their motor skills but also their mental and emotional personalities. St Peter’s emphasises on the appreciation and understanding of the different forms of dance and movement as practiced across cultures today, with specific reference to Indian context.

The areas of focus include:

1. Theoretical aspects of Indian dance

2. Basic practice of various styles in dance:

    a. Major styles of Classical dance: 

  • Bharatanatyam
  • Kuchipudi
  • Mohiniyattam
  • Kathak.

     b. variety of Tribal and Folk dances.

     c. Modern experimentation (Oriental and Western)

Single continuous line drawing ballerina in vector


Two theatrical comedy and drama mask. Outline. Bipolar disorder symbol. Positive and negative emotion. Film and theatre industry. Two theatrical comedy and drama mask. Outline. Bipolar disorder symbol. Positive and negative emotion. Film and theatre industry. Vector illustration. Hand drawn sketch. Isolated white background drama filmi stock illustrations

The ‘theatre room’ in St Peter’s helps in improving the students’ fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking and critical analysis while enhancing their basic skills of ‘acting’ under the efficient guidance of the specialised faculty.


The Keyboard room, with the musical notes literally floating on the air, provides a mellifluous environment for the students to learn to read music and to play the instrument. 

St Peter’s introduces the students to          

  • Musical concepts
  • Notations
  • Reading notes

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Person Sing A Song With Acoustic Classical Guitar Continuous One Line Art  Drawing Vector Illustration Minimalist Design | Line art drawings, Line art  design, Line art

Other than being cool to play, guitar offers variety when it comes to playing styles, music genres and song choice. 

St Peters offers training in:

  • Spanish Guitar
  • Basic rudiments/ staff notation with theory
  • Soloing and accompaniment techniques
  • Different playing styles
  • Different genres of Western music-rock, pop, country etc.


St Peter’s offers professional training in Tabla, being aware of its popularity in all over India due to its adaptability in all musical styles. 

Our main focus is on:

  • Hindustani Style

Tabla Drums Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project


Coloring drum kit picture | Drums pictures, Drum drawing, Music coloring

Playing Drums is often regarded as something which can elevate anyone’s spirit instantaneously. St Peter’s offers special training in:

  • Acoustic Drum Kit.
  • Western Notations
  • Trinity Grade Exam Level training
  • Notations from Basic to Advanced Level
  • Drums Solo
  • Instrumental Orchestra
  • Styles – Rock, Blues, Jazz etc.