Electronics is included as a co-scholastic subject under work education, for students of classes 7-12. In electronics, the students get the basic information like symbol, types and use of LEDs, resistors, diodes, transformers, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, relays, LDRs, diac, triac etc. The fully equipped electronics lab with a seating capacity of 30 students, provides each student a chance to do various experiments which boost up the interest of the students in Electronics. The children practise soldering, LED lighting, connecting LEDs in series and parallel, finding the value of resistors by colour code method, experimenting with mosquito repellents, water level indicator, clap switch, light dimmer, electronic harmonium, multi vibrators, connecting fluorescent lamp etc. The lab works as a haven for the ardent lovers of electronics, giving them an exposure to the day-to-day affairs of lives.