The challenging paradigm shift in the mode of class room learning and the examination structure could not impair the legacy in the academic pursuits of St. Peters. The academic achievements continue to thrive in class X AISSE 2020-21 result with 100% stunning success. The unprecedented milieu could not impede the triumphant journey of St. Peter’s to accentuate the laurels of success. The centums and full A1s’ are a trending bandwagon for Peterians even in the academic year 2020 -21.

It is an exultant moment for all the teachers who rose and adapted to commensurate with the needs of the changing policies and schemes. It is a moment of reassurance for students – teachers and parent fraternity… that paramount importance of St. Peter’s is to foster and nurture the future of our children.

Out of 166 students who appeared for the AISSE exam, 33 students scored A1 in all subjects, 82 students soar above 90% and 21 students bagged centums in various subjects.

School topper              Vyshnavi Prashanth -   99.6% (498 / 500 marks)      

Total students appeared-  166              Above 90% -    82 

Distinction                     -    46

First class                      -    20

Full A1 holders              -    33

Four A1 holders            -     21

Centum scorers:   21                                                   

Social Science             -    7

Mathematics                -    5  

Science                        -     3 

French                          -    1

English                         -    2

Hindi                             -    2 

Malayalam                    -    1