SAINT PETERS, Bridging the Gap During the Pandemic


As the entire world is jolted off its hinges owing to the pandemic stress, it was the education sector that suffered the major setback. Now as the whole world is heading towards a new normal, the effect could be seen reflected on this field too. Apart from the smart classes, both the teacher and the taught have together rose to a higher realm where unobstructed teaching-learning process is made possible.


In-house stage-setters

Thanks to the new technology!! St.Peter’s has shifted its arena of action to the ZOOM rooms. In lightning speed the staff and students were empowered by tech teams to adapt to the new platform.

Edu-Brisk, the comprehensive e-learning service provider was bid in to facilitate the process. Students and staff were given access to the e-content 24 x 7, with no special or zero payment. Again, a continuous quality-enrichment programme headed by Team Inspirit Learning solutions assisted us in setting the ball rolling.


Enrichment Programmes & Online classes

Webinars intended to enhance stress management of both the student and parent community during the post-covid learning phase was conducted. The regular online-classes commenced in the month of June for the entire student community of our school. This was made to happen even before other institutions could think on such lines. Our teachers keep working from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm schedule on all regular working days.


Curricular Activity-frame

For the junior classes, pedagogy was planned in a play way method incorporating learner friendly methods (virtual-reality classrooms) and convenient timings. For all the senior students, spread over 5 full robust hours, they were engaged on the basis of a foolproof and systematic weekly schedule. Regular rounds of series assessment tests were given every week. Like every other year, Pre-mid term and mid -term exams are being conducted without fail.


Extending the arena of Action

The curricular scope was further widened by the inclusion of co-scholastic subjects as well.Weekly videos intended to improve the health-quotient and hygienic practices were recorded and posted exclusively for Peterians. The competitive spirit of the children were never allowed to get dampened by this new normal routine. Online competitions and full-fledged activities were conducted by various departments - like online Maths quiz, photography contests,special day celebrations, Spella - English competitions.


An added Pack of Fee-Waiver

Based on an all encompassing analysis and scrutiny of the situation and the expenditure the TRUST has come to a decision to reduce the fees on a fixed monthly-slab( Rs.400 - Rs.700) for those online-schooling months alone. As a result, the benefit of reduction offered amounts to Rs. 4000 - 7000, will be available per child, in case the school continues to function online throughout the year. This facility will be open only to those who pay the fees before the last date prescribed for fee payment in each term. 


A Genuine helping hand- Scholarship

Also, with sincere and deepest regard to those parents who have any kind of financial setback owing to this Post-covid period, the TRUST has decided to provide scholarship to their wards. The Scholarships are fully funded by the allocation of CSR funds by Ms.Synthite Industries (P) Ltd, Kadayiruppu.This special fee- reduction / scholarship can be availed only after a close scrutiny and further approval by the TRUST and the concerned authority.


Years of goodness and solid legacy has brewed up the confidence of SAINT PETERS. Unabated we move, for the ultimate good of our students.


Saint Peter’s takes every step with caution and added care - Caution to foresee; Care to be righteous!