St Peter’s envisions every child, who enters the portals of this sacred temple of learning, as a free individual, capable of creating his or her own space in this ever-changing and ever-challenging world of endless opportunities. St. Peters believes in helping every child realize their potential and in instilling in them, a love for learning. We help them cultivate a strong sense of personal integrity, blended with a love for humanity and love for nature, thus equipping them to grow up as future leaders and global citizens who can treasure mutual respect and understanding, while being conscious of their responsibilities as well as their rights.

The curricular and co-curricular programmes are meticulously designed in order to kindle the children’s inquisitive spirit and logical sense, so as to foster free thought and free will. The extracurricular activities provide them with ample chances to tap their multi-dimensional aptitudes in arts and sports while nurturing their agility, creativity and innovativeness.  

Our academic programmes are designed to inculcate in children, values like compassion and empathy for others and to instil a strong sense of morality. We encourage them to be socially committed by empowering them with the moral courage to stand against injustice.

Our values are reflected in all our programmes which are designed to breed a conducive environment, where students and staff from diverse backgrounds harmoniously blend, assuring a healthy learning culture.  

Saint Peter’s continues to keep pace with the changing trends in Information Technology, ensuring academic breadth and balance by offering students a variety of courses, which prepare them to meet the challenges of the new world while holding on to the traditional values and culture of our great country.