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                             DONNING THE MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP........


                                                                      INVESTITURE CEREMONY2017-18


The first official function of the academic year 2017-18, the Investiture Ceremony was held on 22nd June 2017.The principal Mrs. Sreekala Ram administered the oath to the newly elected leaders and they also received their badges and sashes along with the school flag , sports flag and house flags.The principal congratulated the newly sworn in leaders   and  reminded them of their great responsibility they have in leading the school in the front with their commitment , confidence and competence. It was indeed a moment of pride and pleasure for each Peterian to see the 8 houses marching ahead under the school flag and house flag,with their heads held high and hearts filled with humility. The house in charge teachers were dressed in resplendent colours of the houses and the enthusiastic  marching of each house according to the music brought in a rhythm to the hearts of the spectators and it enhanced the grandeur of the event. The programme came to an end instilling in each leader a sense of responsibility,  donning the mantle of leadership  ,upholding the values of the school in fulfilling its vision and mission. May success be at their  footsteps wherever   they lead!     



Updated on: 17 Aug 2020