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The much awaited 3 days Peterian Cultural Jamboree, Sylvan Symphony 2019-20 took a colourful take off on 7th August 2019 when the mellifluous song ‘Chinna china aasai’ reverberated in the Peterian Elysium. The renowned playback singer Minmini, who stole the hearts of music lovers with her enchanting voice, inaugurated the cultural gala. Mrs. G. Vimala Pandalai, Head of the English Department welcomed the gathering.

This inter house cultural extravaganza opened a plethora of opportunities for the students to exhibit their talents. Around 149 non-stage and stage items were conducted in various venues. Students representing various houses participated in the events with great zest and enthusiasm. The enchanting songsters, the bewitching dancers and the eloquent orators captivated the minds of each and every peterian and gifted them with everlasting memories.

The 3 days arts fest came to a grand conclusion on 27th August 2019 with the Valedictory Function.  In the esteemed presence of Principal, Mrs. Soniya Susan Varkey, Vice Principals Mr. C O Abraham and Mr. Antony Jude, Programme Coordinators, Mrs. Sreeja Jayakrishnan and Mr. Eldho Jacob, prizes were distributed. The individual champions from various categories are:

Kalathilakam Category I       - Mischell B Sebastian (IV E)

Kalathilakam Category II      - Gouri K (VIC) &  Jovana Jomi (VI E)

Kalaprathibha                        - Govind Menon ( VIC)

Kalaprathibha Category III   - Vivek Mathew(VIII C)

Kalathilakam                          - Fahadha Fathima(VIIIB) & Devananda S Nair (VIIIA)

Kalaprathibha Category IV   - Ayush Abhilash (IXA)

Kalathilakam                          - Niya Kurian (IX D)

Kalathilakam Category (v)    - Hima Aby (XII B) & Riya Susan (XII B)

Kalaprathibha                        - Cyril George Mathew (XII C)

Joseph Varghese of class IX D and Shreya Susan Paul of class X B were selected as the Best Debaters in Malayalam and English respectively.

House of Wisdom emerged the champions with 347 points. Houses of Loyalty and Compassion emerged the first and the second runners up with 276 and 220 points respectively.