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The much awaited Annual Athletics Meet 2018-19 was held on 7th December 2018 with great zeal and enthusiasm.  The Principal In Charge Mrs. Sonia Susan Varkey took the salute and unfurled the Sports flag and declared the meet open, marking the commencement of the meet. This was followed by carrying of the Athletic Torch by Arun Issac, Sara Regi, Sarah Peter and Hrishikesh Siv, who brought laurels to the school at national and international level. The students entered into the spirit of the day with the oath administered by the Sports Captain.


The finals of 100m race and 4x100m relay races were held. The prizes were distributed to the winners and individual champions. Wisdom House bagged the Champions Trophy.  The Meet was declared close by the Principal In charge and the school flag was handed over to her after a slow march by the Sports Captains. Then the flame was put off signaling the end of the meet. It was a day filled with sportsmanship and excitement, a day which all will cherish.