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“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.” (Oprah Winfrey)

All progress takes place outside the comfort zones. If your desire is to become what you believe yourselves to be, come out of the comfort zones and design your life.  

As students are the future of tomorrow and their future depends on what they decide today, a career enhancement seminar and skill assessment module, ‘Perfect Rise’ initiated by Times of India along with its knowledge partner Lakshya, was arranged for the students of classes X, XI and XII of St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School, Kadayiruppu on 27th September 2019. The seminar aimed at enhancing the students to choose their right career. Reshmi Radhakrishnan who has 12 years of remarkable experience in educational sector as motivational trainer, career counselor and life skill trainer was the resource person. She is an expertise in leadership training skills, interview training, personality development and she is a part of National Skill Development Mission.

The seminar was conducted in different sessions for class X, XI and XII. Ms. Reshmi discussed the four vital steps towards designing one’s future. This four step plan included: understanding oneself, finding job opportunities bases on what you see yourself as, exploring those options and taking a firm decision to continue with the option. In order to have a better idea about ourselves, a thorough understanding of our positive and negative qualities is a must. According to Ms. Reshmi, we must augment our positives and diminish our negatives to become the better version of ourselves. Belief in oneself and healthy level of self- confidence are the catalysts that result in success. 

A right decision at the right time towards the right industry is thus a vital step towards achieving goal. How you see yourself or how you define yourself, is your choice.