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Onam, the festival of fun & frolic, a season of joy & plenty, with its message of universal brotherhood, transcending the narrow walls of caste, creed & religion, was celebrated in St. Peter’s with all its warmth & spirit, bringing all Peterians into a single family. Besides the traditional attire, floral decorations, Nadanpattu, Kummattikali, Thiruvathira, Vanchipattu, Special song by teachers, Chendamelam etc lent immense beauty & colour to the celebrations.The skit depicted the great message of unity and brotherhood ,the underlying spirit of Onam. Maveli was the cynosure of all eyes. The primary class children dressed as tigers, prowled the performance arena, conquering the hearts of every one, with their vibrant, vigorous & rhythmic movements .The spirit of the celebrations reached a crescendo with the Chendamelam. The president of St. Peter’s Education Trust , Dr. C.T Abraham conveyed the message, in which he stressed the need for love & humanism, for peaceful living. The celebrations came to an end with the sumptuous “onasadhya”  .

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The CBSE Regional Kalotsav 2017 ,Sahodaya School Complex Kochi, for category 3, hosted by St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School ,was held on 28th Oct.2017, Saturday. It was inaugurated by the Cine Artist Mr.Nishant Sagar. School principal Mrs. Sreekala Ram welcomed the gathering and lauded the enthusiasm of the participants wishing them good luck. 528 participants from 34 schools took part in it in 36 items, proving their talent. We the Peterians were extremely proud of hosting the Kalotsav which provided a great exposure to the CBSE students to hone their skills and enabling the first and second prize winners participating in the state level competition. It came to an end filling everyone’s heart with the rhythms of music and dance just as it was ringing in the air.