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Make your life a masterpiece. Sometimes you are tested not to show your weaknesses but to discover your strengths, and success will accompany those who discover their strengths. 

With a view to provide a better understanding of the rhythm of life and to equip the blooming buds of St. Peter’s to face the new challenges of life and career, a motivational talk was arranged. Mr. Sajith Sarath Chandran, the former PTA President of our school was the resource person. He is a management professional, experienced in Production and Aerospace 3 PL domains for more than two decades. He had his previous assignments with AVT Gr., AVT McCormick and Ned spice. He is a Post Graduate in Management and English Literature with additional qualifications in Financial Analysis.

His unique style of presenting topics and the way he interacted with the students made the session lively and interesting. Quoting the examples of great legends made the session informative and it motivated the students a lot. 

According to Mr. Sajith, ‘fear of failure’ is one thing which acts as a hurdle in pursuing our dreams. It consumes our confidence by making us feel that the path from dream to success lies only in our imagination. As he puts it “removing that element of ‘fear of failure’ from our life will definitely take us to success. Through the life examples of many successful individuals, he made the students understand the importance of the 3 D’s( determination, dedication and discipline) in the path towards success.