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Observing the great tradition and imbibing the true spirit of Keralites , we at St. Peter’s celebrated ‘Kerala Piravi’ on Nov.1, marking the birth of Kerala. The entire school assembly was in Malayalam and it witnessed a variety of programmes depicting the love for Kerala and Malayalam. Speech bY Hanna Jimmy, gave us a glimpse of the 60 years completed successfully and proudly after the formation of Kerala state. It was followed by a Malayalam recitation by Evaan Saji , unveiling the prevalent beauties and bounties of our villages .A dance drama based on Kumaranasan’s ‘ Chandalabikshuki’ was also performed. An extempore competition was conducted in connection with the celebration, providing a platform for the students to boost their love and respect for the mother tongue, preserving its unique beauty. Undoubtedly the celebrations brought memories of communal harmony and the vast heritage of Kerala to our minds.