Reading Club

Paying due respect to all the innovations, “Reading Club” aims at inculcating healthy reading habit in the students with innovative and interesting activities that promote reading. The following are some of the activities done.

  • > Author week [encouraging the students to read the books of a particular author]
  • > Book Exhibition [in collaboration with School Library]
  • > Provision of graded books for the classes to promote healthy reading.
  • > Reading month [to promote vigorous reading]
  • > Presentation of book review in the assembly [monthly one presentation for English, Malayalam and Hindi by reading club members]
  • > Class library
  • > Book nooks in the campus other than library.
  • > Daily news writing.
  • > Maintenance of Reading Club notice board. [Reading tips, list of new books, must read books etc.]
  • > News paper subscription for students through school.


  • * Book Review [for reading club members]
  • * News Paper making [Inter House competition]
  • * Making story book with illustrations [for reading club members]
  • * Acknowledgment for vigorous readers in the reading month.