Photography Club

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.’View Finders’, the photography club is an inspiring haven to learn and practice the art of photography. We organize creative outings and competitions for students and teachers for learning about the art and craft of photography.19th August is observed as the World Photography Day and a special assembly highlighting the origin of photography is conducted. The Short Film captured by the photography club members and a special video presentation of the snapshots taken by the club members are some other attractions of the day. The club exemplifies love and passion for the art, along with the learning experiences. It’s a matter of great pride that the ‘View Finders’ act as the technical crew for the various programmes in the school providing a framework for members to be involved in photography on a regular basis. The ‘View Finders’ march ahead with their Midas Click which has the power to undo our assumptions about the world.