AISSE RESULTS 2020- Triumph trending…

When ‘steadily raising one’s own level of aspirations and expectations’, is made a habit, ‘flaming victory’ becomes a routine. As Class X gets crowned for their tenacious efforts, it’s celebration time, once again in St. Peter’s…

Peterians spotlight their regality again, with a sparkling 100%-win in AISSE, Class X Board Examination 2020. Out of 173 students appeared, 13 students excelled by scoring A1 in all subjects, 77 scored above 90% and 144 secured Distinction. 15 students sparkled with centum in various subjects (English-6, Science-5, Hindi-2, Maths-1, French-1)

As the golden centums hallmark the whole community, these stunning results validate the Peterian assurance of ‘providing the best learning opportunities to thrive in the competitive and changing World’.

A Royal Salute to the Super Stars of Class 10 and Team St Peter’s who moulded them!!!

Class 10 Results- A Quick Glance

Total students appeared -173

All A1                                -13

A1 in 4 subjects                 -31

Above 90%                         -77

Distinction                          -144

School toppers:

Sarah Abraham            - 494 (98.8%)

Shreya Susan Paul      - 494 (98.8%)

English(6) - Aneena Karmy, Jesvin J, Joann Elizabeth Jiby,
                    Juhi Suhara Nooh, Tanya Mariam Viji,Tessa Maria Sunil
Science(5) - Aamil Rizwan P S, Christeena Sabu, Jenet Joseph,
                    Sarah Swetha Thomas, Shreya Susan Paul
Hindi(2) - Anna Vijai, Johann Anish
Maths(1) - Sarah Abraham
French(1) - Susan Cheruvullil Joy