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CHRISTMAS – 2018-19

Christmas celebration of the high school section was conducted on 22nd December 2019 from 9am to 10am. The serene atmosphere was filled with the praises of ‘the newborn king’ as the assembly joined the choir in prayer. The warmth of welcome was spread by the genuine words of welcome from the Senior Boy. As the choir serenaded, the air reverberated with the carols. An insight into real Christmas was imparted by the enlightening Christmas message  . The graceful dancers of the high school section utilized all their faculties for worshipping the ‘King of Kings’. The musical Drama unraveled the realms of the spiritual world exposing the ordeal of keeping ‘the holy child’ safe and secure. The merry mood of Christmas enfolded the gathering as Santa came with his wondrous charm. The programme came to a closure with the Vote of Thanks by the Senior Girl.

The Christmas celebration of the primary section was held on the same day from 10.30 am to 11.30 am. Peterians welcomed the spirit of Christmas by invoking His heavenly presence.   After the sweet words of welcome ,the true essence of Christmas permeated the air as the Peterian songbirds serenaded. It was followed by the  Christmas message  which enlightened the audience. The students staged a wonderful skit highlighting the important virtue of sacrifice. It ended up  percolating the message of love, peace, and joy in every heart.