Commemorating the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, an ardent lover of children, we celebrated Children’s Day on 14th Nov. 2016, in great grandeur and splendour. The day was set aside and dedicated to the children to honour them, making them feel special. The ‘teacher students’ made the day different by conducting the assembly. The spectrum of the programmes presented by the teachers consisted of an English skit, a mellifluous group song, a mesmerising dance and an amusing video presentation, making the child in them alive. The dazzling display organised by the Work Experience Department, depicting the talents of students in art and craft, reminded us of the super models on the ramp and we all were lost in a world of fantasy. Other than the Children’s Day message, the ‘Chacha Nehru’ also greeted the children. The children were in their colourful attire and the campus was buzzing with excitement and jollity. Sweets, an inevitable part of all celebrations, were distributed to the children making it sweeter and cherishable.