Sylvan Symphony

Sylvan Symphony the three day cultural and art festival of St. Peter’s was held on 10th,11th and 12th of August 2016, with great enthusiasm and spirit. It was inaugurated by our principal Mrs. Sreekala  Ram. The three day artistic  sojourn , witnessed the zealous and zestful performance of the eight houses ensuring the maximum participation of  the students. It really reverberated the Peterian  hearts with the sonorous melody of music ,firework of rapid moving steps,  scintillating performances ,revealing a world of consummate artistry. It also created in each child a sense of achievement along with the great message  that life is all about winning, losing and sharing .The house  of Truth emerged the champions with their creditable and gritty show laced with creativity, boundless determination, relentless  hard work  and unruffled confidence.