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Annual Day (Classes 1-6)

‘Consonance of Cultures’ (Classes 3 to 6) and ‘Mente A Melhoria’ (Classes 1&2), the annual day celebrations were held on 28th January and 4th February, 2017 respectively. Mr. Shabarish Prabhakar, the BBC Award winning violinist was the chief guest for ‘Consonance of Cultures’. He mesmerised the audience with his stunning and mellifluous rendition on the violin. The Consonance of culture depicted a blend of different cultures through the student exchange program. ‘Mente A Melhoria’ was an insightful and invigorating journey through books enlivening the dormant figments of thoughts and imagination. Kumari Nandana Varma, the cine artist was the guest of honour on the occasion.