St.Peter’s offers excellent facilities within a 16 acre eco –friendly campus accommodating almost a hundred thousand sq ft of constructed area which includes –


  • 62 class rooms are equipped with Smart Boards.
  • An Indoor stadium.
  • Two fully air-conditioned Auditoriums (The C.V.J Auditorium, with a 1200 seating capacity, fully acoustically treated sound system. and a Mini Auditorium with 180 seats.
  •  AV room, Kiddies swimming pool, Basket ball court exclusively for KG Section.
  • Electronics, Home Science, Robotics, Composite lab, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Labs.
  • Professional Recording Studio with four recording take booths.
  • Photography Club, Eco Club, Health & Wellness Club, Disaster Management Club, Science Club, Maths Club, Social Science Club, Literary and dramatics Club, Speakers Forum and Reading Club, Quiz Club.
  • We have sports track, soccer field, basketball and adequate facilities for all sports and games.
  • We have a Dolphin Aquatic Complex built to International standards and Male and Female NIS coaches and Life Guards.


Kadayiruppu is an idyllic neighborhood to live and work with. We recruit our team, the best teachers and facilitators from around the nation who are life long learners motivated to support the multi-cultural vision of the school. At Saint Peter’s you will find camaraderie with a wealth of experiences and information shared among the staff.

Saint Peter’s has much more to offer along with the opportunities, programmes and experiences


  • Freedom to express oneself in one’s own way – in the class rooms, dormitories and on the grounds through interaction.
  • Effective exploitation of school amenities – libraries, laboratories, auditorium, music instruments, playing fields and games such as Table tennis, Basket ball, Foot ball, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis etc, computers, AV equipments.
  • Awareness about the outside world.

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To equip our children to the demands of a fast advancing society, based on cybernetics and automation, we give advance computer training from the lower classes itself.

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Physics being an experimental science, is learnt by doing. Laboratory work gives the young mind systematic and scientific training.

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The chemistry lab acts as a workshop for students to learn the techniques of preparation ,identification and estimation of chemical substances.

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To satiate the scientific fervour of our students in consonance with the syllabi , our Biology Lab facilitates controlled conditions for research, demonstrations and dissections.


Home science education , a dynamic field of education for a better living. It explores the possibility of the establishment of the perfections in the social orders 


Electronics is included as a co-scholastic subject under work education, for students of classes 7-12. In electronics ,the students get the basic information like symbol


Art is the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination. Every child is an artist with innate talent . A good education includes arts education


Another feather added to the infrastructure of St.Peter’s is the recording studio built up in the F.A block. It is specially designed to achieve the maximum acoustic property.

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A high quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in the competitive sport and other physically energising activities. 



library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to material

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smartclass did what no one had ever thought of before, bring technology into the classroom. It brought an exhaustive repository of world class digital modules or lessons, (consisting of 2D and 3D animations,)


Language is the dress of thought and language learning becomes effective only if we provide various kinds of learning opportunities and tools catering to the learners.



We have a full fledged cafeteria for the staff and students, offering snacks and meals. Hygienic and nutritious food is provided during the school hours.