Sexual Harassment Committee

Members of Sexual Harassment Committee in School

The present members of the Complaints Committee to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India relating to sexual harassment of women workers at work places and students are as follows.

1 Mrs. Sonia Susan Varkey Chairperson/Principal
2 Mr. C.O Abraham Vice Principal
3 Mrs.Tena Susan Ipe Member(Counselor)
4 Mrs. Jayamala.T.R Member(Teacher)
5 Mrs. Geena Regi Member(Teacher)
6 Mrs.Jiya Biju Member(Teacher)
Mrs. Ligi Benny Member(Nurse)

Grievance/Redressal Committee

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mrs. Sonia Susan Varkey Principal
2 Mr. C.O Abraham Vice Principal
3 Mr.Eldho Jacob Teacher
4 Mrs.Smitha Jayachndran Teacher
5 Mr.Biju V Peter Teacher
6 Mrs. Christeena Alias Teacher