Golden Jubilee Inauguration........

Momentous memories take us back , defined and daring dreams take us forward...... A small seed sown fifty years back , nurtured with warmth and love, nourished with perseverance and commitment has grown into a majestic tree standing the test of time, giving shade and fruits to many, unlocking the golden door of education. St. Peter’s , a pioneer institution in the realm of education has fathomed fifty glorious years of excellence creating ripples of triumphant stories and waves of development. The Golden Jubilee celebration was inaugurated by Mr. C. V Jacob, the founder Secretary of St. Peter’s Education Trust, on 19th November ,2016 in the C.V J Auditorium. The members of the management, former Principals, P .T.A members, retired teachers, staff and sudents were present on the occasion. Mr. Raju. C . Jacob, the Secretary of St. Peter’s Education Trust, welcomed the august gathering and honoured all those who had been a part of the school in elevating it to the heights of fame and glory. Dr. C T Abraham delivered the Presidential Address and appreciated the former members of the management, who put in their tremendous effort in materialising their envisaged dream. As a harbinger of our Golden Jubilee celebrations, a logo was released by Mr. C.V.Jacob.The school anthem sung by the school choir , made everyone proud of being a part of St. Peter’s. “Peterian Pirranie”, a documentary took us all down memory lane , leaving in us indelible images of those golden memories of 50 years of educational prowess. The joy was multiplied when the former Principals shared some of their nostalgic moments and experiences and wished St. Peter’s soaring greater heights. The superb western music , a scintillating rendition, conquered the hearts of all , filling it with pride and pleasure. The person at the helm of St. Peter’s , our Principal Mrs.Sreekala Ram proposed the Vote of Thanks. The celebrations came to an end with the promise to reaffirm the purpose for which St. Peter’s was given shape to and continue the Peterian Saga of success translating our vision into action. The word Golden Jubilee speaks volumes about the aura of glory in which St.Peter’s lies submerged. It is the little sunrays that constitute the vast sunlight, that floods the land. Yes, “Ye are the Light of the World”,be our motto for ever.Let St. Peter’s go ahead unswervingly into the invincible horizons, in pursuit of educational excellence, with its unique vision, unbridled passion, renewed vigour and innovative ideas.    


Teacher's Day

Marked with enthusiasm and festivity,St.Peter’s was immersed in Teachers’ Day celebrations on Monday, 5th Sep 2016.

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Children's Day

Commemorating the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, an ardent lover of children, we celebrated Children’s Day on 14th Nov. 2016, in great grandeur and splendour